Walter TV

New Release: Homeshake – The Homeshake Tape

One of the more endearing elements of Mac DeMarco‘s often endearing rise to prominence has been the proliferation of side projects involving the members of his live band. Walter TV, the spastic psych-pop group fronted by DeMarco’s bass player Pierce McGarry, put out a couple of excellent releases last year, and guitarist Peter Sagar is following suit with his project, Homeshake.

Homeshake’s first release, The Homeshake Tape, is very clearly the work of the same group of people, and to some extent splits the difference between Mac DeMarco and Walter TV, embracing the downbeat, jangly-guitared languor of some of DeMarco’s work, while nodding to Walter TV’s more experimental flourishes. “Northern Man” is perhaps the best marrying of these two aesthetics, with Sagar’s shamblingly intricate guitar playing combining with a likeably lazy vocal into something redolent of the best Elephant 6 recordings. “Moon Woman,” by contrast, is pure DeMarco. All smooth sleaze without the rough edges sanded down, the general creep providing cover for a tightly composed, totally guileless little love song. As with seemingly everything associated with Mac DeMarco, it’s always listenable, frequently interesting, and when all else fails it gets by on charm and personality. Stream/purchase The Homeshake Tape at Bandcamp.

This post originally appeared on our Berlin brethren No Fear of Pop.

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Video: Mac Demarco – She’s Really All I Need

We’re really into this.  This track is from Mac Demarco‘s Rock and Roll Nightclub EP and it’s a total killer.  Breezy, sloppy, jangly guitar pop that’s tightly composed and slightly unnerving.    The video was directed by Pierce Mcgarry from walter tv, and does much to aid the perception that there is something not quite right about these people, probably the same thing that makes them so endearing.

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MP3: Walter TV – Africa

walter tv – Africa

This track is off the utterly charming debut album from Vancouverites walter tv.  They somehow manage to sound breezy and creepy all at the same time, whilst recalling Sung Tongs era Animal Collective, and (dare I dream it!) the dearly departed Unicorns.  The album is available on their bandcamp and will, no doubt, provide a perfect soundtrack to a deeply weird summer.

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