Tigerwing – 4 the thrill

We’ve long loved Tigerwing, the Windsor-based alternate-dimension pop star; her dark and deliciously down-tempo synths are solidly in line with our tastes, always and forever. She’s starting the year with a song that starts a little sinisterly in the distance, before swelling toward a smoldering chorus about being left behind by someone chasing excitement over genuine affection. There’s apparently much more to come before we escape this cold, cold winter, a fact that’s certainly warming our hearts.

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Tigerwing – Need Me Bad

There aren’t any places on Earth that visually reflect Tigerwing‘s otherwordly creativity, so she made her own. In this video for her first single after last year’s brilliant Make the Rabbits Run, the Windsor-based artist sings about desperate desire in a digitally created planet painted with pinks and blues. Water vibrates, stones rise and pyramids float in time with layers of synths working themselves into a steady simmer. It’s exactly what our ears needed.

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#17: Tigerwing – Make the Rabbits Run

Building on the immense promise demonstrated in lead single “coax”, Calgary/Windsor artist gothy electronic pop artist Tigerwing had our expectations for her full-length debut running high after a few very impressive EPs in the past couple of years. And boy did Make the Rabbits Run deliver. Alternate-universe pop in a very strange universe indeed. Her no-rules approach to electropop results in a chaotic and idiosyncratic style that’s wholly original, and yet, somehow never ceases to be catchy.

Make the Rabbits Run is out now on Bandcamp.

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