Orlando Gloom – Sports Men

Long-time readers know well our adoration for Winnipeg sly bedroom popster Dave Shaw aka Orlando Gloom, and today our ears are glued to this infectious Haruomi Hasono cover. “Sports Men” is a delicate, full-of-heart synthpop ballad that is a simple, delightfully sincere concoction, and we’ve already listened to it ten times today.

And our summer tapedeck just gets better with word of a new tape coming from OG! David in the Void is out August 19 and we can’t wait to wear it out. In the meantime, there’s the back catalogue.

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Ghost Twin – Saturn Swallows The Sun

The long-awaited first full-length album from darkness-embracing Winnipeg duo Ghost Twin is finally upon us! “Saturn Swallows the Sun” is the latest single from Plastic Heart, which will also feature its excellent predecessors “Chymical Wedding” and “Mystic Sabbath”, and is produced by none other than Maya Postepski aka Princess Century. And as one might hope given the addition of such talent, “Saturn” is yet another stellar gothy electronic pop gem in the band’s growing oeuvre. Ominous omens indeed! Can’t wait to hear the whole thing!

Plastic Heart is out this Friday. It’s available for pre-order digitally and on vinyl from Bandcamp, where you can also find their tour dates across Canada this month.

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À La Mode – Est​-​ce qu’on s’aimera

Don’t be fooled by the vaporwave-y cover art: Winnipeg’s À La Mode latest song is pure sunshine, filled with endearing harmonies and lovelorn lyrics. “Des fois j’pas sûre de tout /Des fois ça semble flou/ Mais tu es mon amour,” sings Dominique Lemoine, right before what is surely the coolest guitar solo you’ll hear on a synth-pop track this year. The lyrics are deeply emotional and are sung beautifully, as if to lull the listener into the band’s lush melodic reverie. Let’s hope this one gets a video release soon!

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