Xania – Y.O.U.

We’re fervent fans of Xania videos here at Silent Shout (remember the brilliant “Dance with the Robot” that was our third favourite visual in 2016?), and she’s done it again. “Y.O.U.”, which stands for your own universe, reimagines the Montreal-based rapper/producer as a faceless silhouette, covered in shifting projected patterns. She’s alone as she dances through the streets of Sheffield, an homage to those who embrace their individuality, creating their own worlds even while surrounded by a sea of others.

“Y.O.U.” is from 2015’s All Alone Together, available PWYC from Bandcamp.

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Video: Xania – Dance with the Robot

Not sure how she did it, but Montreal rapper/producer/tap dancer Xania has managed to make a video that’s even more fun than “I’m Broke”. “Dance with the Robot” features a choreographed dance that anyone can do, some choice robo-raps, and adorable costumes, visual effects and group dancing, and was directed by the same team that did the last vid: Robert Donachie, Sylvain Brosset and Xania herself.

“Dance with the Robot” one of many highlights from All Alone Together, Xania’s record from late last year, which is still available from Bandcamp.

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Video: Xania – I’m Broke

Montreal electro-hip-hop artist, producer, and tap dancer Xania made more than a few waves last year when she released her second full-length album All Alone Together. One of the best tracks from that record, the infectious “I’m Broke”, will forever be immortalized in this wonderfully colourful and fun video. Directed by Robert Donachie, Sylvain Brosset, and Xania herself, it’s framed as a technicolour dream of a retail worker as she triumphantly declares her financial situation across the city, interspersed with some excellent animations. And of course, tap dancing.

All Alone Together is available now from Bandcamp.

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