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Posted on September 17th, by arp2600 in Video

And just like that, Yacht Club are back! The band seems to have gone through a bit of a restructuring — last time we saw them, they performed as a duo — but have maintained their signature AM radio soft-rock stylings. Based on the video directed by Emmett Meade and lead singer/founding member Ben Cook, they have a good life: hanging in the desert with dogs, driving around without a care in the world.

The song comes from Burnt Cream, their latest EP (unfortunately not streaming anywhere at the time of this writing), which is available in pill form, cassette, VHS, on iTunes and eventually 12″.

Posted on February 14th, by farragoes in Video

New Yacht Club for Valentines Day!!!!  This is always exciting stuff for us and Ben Cook and Matt DeLong have delivered in a serious way as they always always do.  The video is also great fun and was apparently shot in Belgrade.  Happy Valentines Day!


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Top 100 Songs: 100-76 // 75-51 // 50-26 // 25-1

2013 in review: Top 30 Albums: 30-16 / 15-1 // Top 30 Videos // Top 20 EPs // Top 10 Remixes

50. Mozart’s Sister – Mozart’s Sister

49. LADYFRND – Un Petit Message

48. Bliss Club – preda

47. Blue Hawaii – Sweet Tooth

46. UN – If You’re Rich You Find Love

45. Sing Leaf – High John

44. Akua – Told You So

43. Taiwan – In My House

42. Ark Analog – Was That It

41. Cabaal – In Flux

40. How Sad – Hot Blur

39. Doomsquad – Riders on the Storm

38. Brusque Twins – Game of Desire

37. Pick a Piper – All Her Colours

36. Jay Holy – Skeletons

35. Hush Pup – Dusty Rose

34. DJ Lace – Space Disco

33. Essaie Pas – De Menthe Liquere II

32. Mirage – Let’s Kiss

31. Magie – Plante Morte

30. Yacht Club feat. Pink & Purple – Hot & Cold

29. Prince Innocence – Golden Hour

28. Nouveau Zodiaque – Avant longtemps

27. Dean Jones Armada – High as a Cat

26. Chris Bush – The oceans rust and then Maple Leaf Top Dogs go on sale at Loblaws

Top 100 Songs: 100-76 // 75-51 // 50-26 // 25-1

2013 in review: Top 30 Albums: 30-16 / 15-1 // Top 30 Videos // Top 20 EPs // Top 10 Remixes

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Yacht Club

Remember how Yacht Club’s “Flash” was our favourite song of last year? And then we heard pretty much nothing new from the band for the rest of of 2013? Well, that all changed today. Apparently this was recorded a couple years ago with some top session players. While it doesn’t signify anything new in the pipeline for the band, it’s still an awesome song, and you can buy the exclusive 7″ right now as a Japanese import (???). Hey! Yacht Club are weird!

That all said, if you’re looking for a Ben Cook fix, Young Guv will be playing the Silent Shout co-curated All Toronto’s Parties on November 22nd at the Garrison. So many bands with so many awesome collaborators!

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Yacht Club feat. Pink & Purple – Hot & Cold

We’ve got the premiere of the new Yacht Club video here!  Unsurprisingly it’s excellent, and has Ben Cook and company channelling a Morris Day & The Time with girl group vocals provided by Pink & Purple.  The video’s directed by Danielle Nemet, and there’s a motorcycle and several pairs of sunglasses!  The track is the b-side to their 12 inch single Flash, which is being released tonight by Pretty Pretty in Toronto at Cinecycle.  Be there. Get yours.

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songspt42012 has been the strongest year in memory for Canadian electronic pop. Established artists started new electronic projects, amazing new talents appeared seemingly out of nowhere, and one of our shining stars became a superstar recognized the world over. Canada is clearly at the epicenter of the zeitgeist – it’s a testament to the unbelievable talent in this country that we have 100 songs to present to you as the best of the year, and STILL had to exclude so many excellent tracks.

Montreal and Toronto may still have the most representatives of any Canadian city, but dark electro is thriving everywhere, from Halifax to Calgary, Ottawa to Vancouver, and exciting new hotbeds appearing in London, Ontario, and Grande Prairie, Alberta. We’re not too exclusively nationalist here at Silent Shout, so border states (minus NYC) appear too, with artists from Minneapolis, Seattle, and Brattleboro, Vermont making our list.

A huge thank you to all our readers, the folks who attend our events, and the bands that make brilliant music across this land for making 2012 an unforgettable year for us. Here’s to an even bigger 2013 for Canadian electronic music.

Top 100 Songs: 100-76 /// 75-51 /// 50-26 /// 25-1

25. Holy Family – My Kayfabe Babe

24. Essaie PasCarcajou

23. Pat JordacheSteps (Damaged Goods)

22. Blue HawaiiIn Two

21. Mac DeMarcoShe’s Really All I Need

20. Prince InnocenceGirls

19. CabaalOut of Body

18. You’ll Never Get To HeavenIt’s All Over

17. Triple GangersMolly

16. Dresden DressesFallen Angel

15. Prince NiftyVox News Double Double Dose

14. How Sad (formerly Goose Hut) – MACEE

13. Yacht ClubTropicana

12. Jay ArnerBroken Glass

11. Purity RingObedear

10. Silkken LaumannHouse Of Common Problems

9. Renny WilsonFeel Like a Child

8. Mozart’s SisterChained Together

7. KontravoidSilent Visions

6. GrimesGenesis

5. Homo DuplexOn or On and On

4. Brusque TwinsSpeaking In Colour

3. PhèdreIn Decay

2. DoldrumsShe Is The Wave

1. Yacht ClubFlash (Single Edit)

Top 100 Songs: 100-76 /// 75-51 /// 50-26 /// 25-1

Previously: Top 20 Albums /// Top 20 Videos /// Top 15 Remixes /// Top 10 EPs

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The new Yacht Club video is fantastic!  Ben Cook’s haircut takes its star turn, and the world is a better place for it.  The song’s pretty awesome too.

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Yacht Club – Fail To Cry

Yet another great track from Yacht Club… tags list this as being off of Nonnavera II, could there be another killer mixtape on the way?

Posted on November 3rd, by digits in Video

Yacht Club – Tropicana

Here’s Yacht Club performing their incredible single “Tropicana” for Exclaim.

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Yacht Club – Flash (Single Edit)
Chevalier Avant Garde – Young

Tonight’s the first night of Pop Montreal, there’s not as much happening, so we’ve only got a few things to recommend.

But you can still catch the best straight up pop music in the country right now – whether it’s Ben Cook’s new Yacht Club project at Mission Santa Cruz or Diamond Rings at La Tulipe.

And our Shadow Polaris picks Chevalier Avant Garde are playing with Freelove Fenner at the Brasserie Beaubien.

We can help you plan out your whole Pop Montreal already – we’ve noted all the best in dark electronic pop that’s playing the festival on our concert calendar.