Video: Yacht Club – Cold Wind From Fools

And just like that, Yacht Club are back! The band seems to have gone through a bit of a restructuring — last time we saw them, they performed as a duo — but have maintained their signature AM radio soft-rock stylings. Based on the video directed by Emmett Meade and lead singer/founding member Ben Cook, they have a good life: hanging in the desert with dogs, driving around without a care in the world.

The song comes from Burnt Cream, their latest EP (unfortunately not streaming anywhere at the time of this writing), which is available in pill form, cassette, VHS, on iTunes and eventually 12″.

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Mix: Best of February 2014

silentshoutfeb14Mix: Silent Shout Best of February 2014

1. Zoo Owl – Twin Mirror
2. Scattered Clouds – People Walk
3. Coach Longlegs – Crazy For Baby
4. Y Club – I.W.4.Y.L.
5. Brothertiger – Chains
6. Jef Barbara – Erection
7. Sean Nicholas Savage – Naturally
8. Bizzarh – Pangaea
9. Baal Astarté – Potato Jazz
10. Doomsquad – Waka Waka
11. Bile Sister – See Breezes
12. Elrichman – Cool Shade of a Palm

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Video: Yacht Club – I’d Work 4 Your Love

New Yacht Club for Valentines Day!!!!  This is always exciting stuff for us and Ben Cook and Matt DeLong have delivered in a serious way as they always always do.  The video is also great fun and was apparently shot in Belgrade.  Happy Valentines Day!


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MP3: Yacht Club – Brave Intelligence

Yacht Club

Remember how Yacht Club’s “Flash” was our favourite song of last year? And then we heard pretty much nothing new from the band for the rest of of 2013? Well, that all changed today. Apparently this was recorded a couple years ago with some top session players. While it doesn’t signify anything new in the pipeline for the band, it’s still an awesome song, and you can buy the exclusive 7″ right now as a Japanese import (???). Hey! Yacht Club are weird!

That all said, if you’re looking for a Ben Cook fix, Young Guv will be playing the Silent Shout co-curated All Toronto’s Parties on November 22nd at the Garrison. So many bands with so many awesome collaborators!

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Video: Yacht Club feat. Pink & Purple – Hot N Cold

Yacht Club feat. Pink & Purple – Hot & Cold

We’ve got the premiere of the new Yacht Club video here!  Unsurprisingly it’s excellent, and has Ben Cook and company channelling a Morris Day & The Time with girl group vocals provided by Pink & Purple.  The video’s directed by Danielle Nemet, and there’s a motorcycle and several pairs of sunglasses!  The track is the b-side to their 12 inch single Flash, which is being released tonight by Pretty Pretty in Toronto at Cinecycle.  Be there. Get yours.

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