Maylee Todd – Homegurl

Goddamn, Maylee Todd is just not quitting with the cool videos this year. Back in April there was the vivid and beautiful Cuba-shot video for “Poetry of Intution” and now we’re treated to another: Jared Sales’s supremely psychedelic vid for “Homegurl”. No idea how this sumptuous and otherwordly visual universe was created, but it’s magnificent and oh so colourful. The track itself is a lovely, meandering psychedelic electronic soul tune that just floats along. Beautiful summer vibes!

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As predicted, prolific Quebec City outfit Men I Trust continues its streak of major league vibes with their latest: “Lauren”. Complete with another quality home-made music video and musically speaking – a sublime bassline and plush vocal harmonies, Men I Trust further cement themselves as a Canadian indie-pop staple.

We’ll continue to watch their every move. Do check out the incredible back catalogue on Bandcamp.

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Video: Princess Century – Metro

The music of Princess Century–especially her most recent instrumental work–lends itself to the cinematically weird, and that’s exactly what we get in her latest. The video for “Metro” could go toe-for-toe with some of the quirkiest and best videos from the 90’s (think Spike Jonze or Gondry’s early work), and perfectly suits the inherent weirdness at the heart of the Toronto-now-Europe-based producer.

“Metro” is the closing track on last year’s phenomenal Progress LP, which is definitely worth a listen if for some reason you’ve waited this long to do so.

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Video: Bile Sister – Scent, A Mental Concept

Bile Sister is a master at creating visually dense, warped and weird videos to reflect the Toronto-based project’s experimental approach to pop music. This new offering sends Julie Reich and David Jones to the beach, but they quickly get swallowed up by a glittery pink and baby blue space that looks like it could be an underwater prom set. (It’s actually an installation in Warkworth, ON, by Diana Lynn VanderMeulen.) The synth hook undulates back and forth as the visuals shift until the pair emerges, glitter on their cheeks and sun in the sky. It’s a journey we wouldn’t mind taking ourselves!

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Motëm – Fluxus

Hamilton producer/M.C. Motëm continues to be one of the most unique voices this fair country has to offer. His simultaneously effervescent and languid hip-hop stylings are a constant in this world, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. “Fluxus” is the latest in a long-line of excellent singles from the Hamilton maestro, and, well, if you’re not familiar with Motëm yet, we envy you for being able to enjoy him here for the first time.

If one song isn’t enough–and how could it be?–there’s a treasure-trove of stuff to be found on his Soundcloud account. Including Songs in the Key of Motëm a new mixtape released last month.

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