Joel Eel – Very Good Person

A little aggressive, all kinds of dark and a harbinger of syncopated dance moves: Joel Eel is everything we live for. The Toronto-based producer spins and slides across an apartment building with a glorious spiral staircase in this video for “Very Good Person,” the title track from his debut album. (The song also goes by “아주 좋은 사람,” the Korean version of the words, incanted as one half of a loop over a pulsing hook and deeply satisfying production.)

You can take a whirl through the whole album over on Bandcamp, and you should. Hopefully you have your own staircase to dance around.

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L CON – Form of Space

L CON‘s magnificent 2016 record Moon Milk hasn’t lost one iota of its avant-charm since last fall, and we’re seriously enjoying this 2017 run of videos for its finest singles. Last month we shared the stop-motion muppetry of “How Much Shall We Bet?” and now we’ve got quite the visual accompaniment for “Form of Space”. It’s cool to discover that the song is based on a story from Italo Calvino’s Cosmicomics, and Victoria Long has directed a loose interpretation of it, bookended by an astronaut’s discovery of a mysterious videotape. Featuring brilliant costumes and visual effects, and lots of excellent, unusual chroeography in a massive warehouse, it’s a terribly impressive video, and a more-than-worthy accompiment to one of favourite songs in recent years. Keep ’em coming, L CON!

Moon Milk is available now on vinyl and digitally from Bandcamp via Wildlife Sanctuary Sound Recordings.

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Clairmont the Second – 44 Me

Clairmont the Second has been one of our favourite hip-hop prodigies for some time now, but he’s been hitting brand new heights lately and “44 Me”, a highlight from last year’s Quest for Milk and Honey, just might be his best yet. An ominous, darkly electronic hip-hop anthem, featuring ghostly piano, clattering hi-hats, and an extremely memorable hook, it gets its turn in the spotlight with a stunning new video. Directed in black-and-white by Clairmont himself, it follows the rapper through Toronto streets and is full of expertly chosen camera angles and disorienting perspective shifts.

Clairmont’s magisterial Quest for Milk and Honey is available now, PWYW from Bandcamp.

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