Austra – Future Politics

Canadian electronic pop legend-in-process Austra‘s much-anticipated third album Future Politics is coming out January 20, the precise day that a certain President-Elect becomes Actual President, and although it couldn’t have been planned that way, Katie Stelmanis’s latest vision seems utterly perfect for the times. Perhaps that’s because she’s always stayed true to a certain technologically-minded electro-capitalist critique which has long pervaded her music, since even before she took on the Austra mantle. This album was produced and mixed entirely by Stelmanis herself, so it’s possibly as direct a musical statement as one can get on the times – a single artist, trying to grapple with the global economic, informational, and cultural flows that shape our lives unseen.

2016? We’re never going back there. There’s only one way: future politics.

You can pre-order Future Politics now from Austra’s Bandcamp. It’s probably gonna be amazing if this and previous single “Utopia” are any indication.

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Ghost Twin – Here We Are In The Night (Cairns Remix)

Winnipeg dark electronic pop duo Ghost Twin (whose members include a sometime Silent Shout contributor) have one last treat for us in 2016: an expanded version of their 2015 EP Here We Are In The Night, featuring a bunch of new remixes to sweeten the brew that was an excellent EP, and one that will help tide us over to the next Ghost Twin record. And we’re more than glad to premiere the video for one of the new remixes, on which Cairns (aka the band’s own Karen Asmundson) completely inverts the title track into an eerie lullabye. The video is a beautifully dark and mysterious production, featuring a pair of masked figures in a barely lit forest getting their lunar ritual on. Unsurprisingly it works great with the hypnotic track, a perfect showcase for Cairns’ wonderfully unsettling, but serene, production skills.

Looking forward to seeing what these two get up to in 2017! But for now, grab the expanded edition of Here We Are in the Night from Bandcamp.

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boyBITCH – Lover

Perennial electro-banger songwriter boyBITCH is back with a new video, consisting of old home-movie footage of him as a preteen. The washed-out colour, slowed down speed and tracking lines lend themselves nicely to Dave’s ready-for-the-club synthy vibes. The lyrics take on new meaning with boyBITCH speaking to his younger self “I got your back,” he sings in his signature croon. In his words:

I was 11 years old in ‘Lover’ and was beginning to struggle with my sexual identity, and identity as a whole. You can see it at the end on the close up of my eyes….conflicted. This video was particularly profound for me. This is the age I based the name boyBITCH on. I was starting to explore my creativity in an intense ‘bitchy/sassy’ way.

“Lover” is the first of many videos to come, all featuring old footage at him at various stages of his life. A new album is out January 2017, with an accompanying video for each song. We can’t wait!

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