boyBITCH – Lover

Perennial electro-banger songwriter boyBITCH is back with a new video, consisting of old home-movie footage of him as a preteen. The washed-out colour, slowed down speed and tracking lines lend themselves nicely to Dave’s ready-for-the-club synthy vibes. The lyrics take on new meaning with boyBITCH speaking to his younger self “I got your back,” he sings in his signature croon. In his words:

I was 11 years old in ‘Lover’ and was beginning to struggle with my sexual identity, and identity as a whole. You can see it at the end on the close up of my eyes….conflicted. This video was particularly profound for me. This is the age I based the name boyBITCH on. I was starting to explore my creativity in an intense ‘bitchy/sassy’ way.

“Lover” is the first of many videos to come, all featuring old footage at him at various stages of his life. A new album is out January 2017, with an accompanying video for each song. We can’t wait!

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Video Premiere: YlangYlang – How Thin is the Skin of the Soul

If you haven’t yet fallen in love with YlangYlang and her extensive output of beautiful, inventive experimental sounds, now’s the time. The Montreal artist’s new video is made of brightly coloured digital shapes floating over grainy images of leaves, everyman home decor and an occasionally splashing fishbowl.

The song is one of her best yet: a meditation of how we’re shaped by everyone we meet set to calming loop, a baseline heartbeat, unexpected percussive bursts and brief descents from bubbling synths. She sings calmly, softly, confidently as she draws you into her inner world. Close your eyes, settle in: you might just learn something about yourself with this as your soundtrack.

It’s the final song from the consistently fantastic Life Without Structure, a thoughtful and introspective take on new age pop that you can find on Bandcamp.

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Alexia Avina – Song 36

Hospitals aren’t the first things we’d associate with fun and friendships, but an abandoned one becomes the backdrop for some whimsical friend-building activities — like braiding hair or having a snack surrounded by plants — in this video by Montreal‘s Alexia Avina. You may recognize her voice from her other project, Best Fern, and we’re thrilled to hear some solo work from her!

The song is sweet and slightly sad and beautifully sung, and the visuals’ empty surroundings are a reminder of the loneliness that can lie just outside a fulfilling friendship, which can disappear as quickly as the next frame. But like the sunlight streaming onto the floor, we’re coming away from this song feeling optimistic.

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Austra – Utopia

A new Austra single is a “stop everything that you’re doing right now” moment. So, please stop, watch this video and dance as much as your abilities/location allows. “Utopia” is pop music gem, with much of the band’s signature style intact. There’s creepiness abounding, layer upon layer of amazing vocal production all set to backdrop of amazing synth programming and production. The song is the first new thing we’ve heard from the operatic superstar in quite some time, but there’s much more to come with the release of Future Politics out January 20 on Domino.

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Hush Pup – Hisyo’s Jungle

Have you ever wanted to live like a dog for a day? Be excited about everything, run around, be free? Dreamy Toronto outfit Hush Pup channels that experience in this new video featuring its own pup: a black pug that relaxes and prances through a forest filtered through soft light, looking equal parts happy and wise. It’s all soundtracked by last year’s beautiful “Hisyo’s Jungle,” a gem that we can’t revisit enough.

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