Austra – Utopia

A new Austra single is a “stop everything that you’re doing right now” moment. So, please stop, watch this video and dance as much as your abilities/location allows. “Utopia” is pop music gem, with much of the band’s signature style intact. There’s creepiness abounding, layer upon layer of amazing vocal production all set to backdrop of amazing synth programming and production. The song is the first new thing we’ve heard from the operatic superstar in quite some time, but there’s much more to come with the release of Future Politics out January 20 on Domino.

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Hush Pup – Hisyo’s Jungle

Have you ever wanted to live like a dog for a day? Be excited about everything, run around, be free? Dreamy Toronto outfit Hush Pup channels that experience in this new video featuring its own pup: a black pug that relaxes and prances through a forest filtered through soft light, looking equal parts happy and wise. It’s all soundtracked by last year’s beautiful “Hisyo’s Jungle,” a gem that we can’t revisit enough.

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Vesuvio Solo – Don’t Leave Me In The Dark

Vesuvio Solo have released a video for the title track of their upcoming record, Don’t Leave Me In The Dark, and the band doesn’t disappoint. The Montreal-based outfit’s newest pop offering is as solid as anything they have released so far, bringing back the dreamy vibrato-laden synths, the easygoing grooves and the soft rock-meets-new wave aesthetics that made the best of their earlier singles so good. The lens flare-heavy visuals certainly add to the chilled-out vibe, and we have to give bonus points to that disco ball humanoid!

You can watch the Alec Nicholas-directed video above, and pre-order their new record (out Sept. 27 on Banko Gotiti records) here.

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Maylee Todd – Homegurl

Goddamn, Maylee Todd is just not quitting with the cool videos this year. Back in April there was the vivid and beautiful Cuba-shot video for “Poetry of Intution” and now we’re treated to another: Jared Sales’s supremely psychedelic vid for “Homegurl”. No idea how this sumptuous and otherwordly visual universe was created, but it’s magnificent and oh so colourful. The track itself is a lovely, meandering psychedelic electronic soul tune that just floats along. Beautiful summer vibes!

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As predicted, prolific Quebec City outfit Men I Trust continues its streak of major league vibes with their latest: “Lauren”. Complete with another quality home-made music video and musically speaking – a sublime bassline and plush vocal harmonies, Men I Trust further cement themselves as a Canadian indie-pop staple.

We’ll continue to watch their every move. Do check out the incredible back catalogue on Bandcamp.

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