Clairmont the Second – 44 Me

Clairmont the Second has been one of our favourite hip-hop prodigies for some time now, but he’s been hitting brand new heights lately and “44 Me”, a highlight from last year’s Quest for Milk and Honey, just might be his best yet. An ominous, darkly electronic hip-hop anthem, featuring ghostly piano, clattering hi-hats, and an extremely memorable hook, it gets its turn in the spotlight with a stunning new video. Directed in black-and-white by Clairmont himself, it follows the rapper through Toronto streets and is full of expertly chosen camera angles and disorienting perspective shifts.

Clairmont’s magisterial Quest for Milk and Honey is available now, PWYW from Bandcamp.

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Tess Roby – Ballad 5

We haven’t heard from Montreal electronic pop auteur Tess Roby in some time, and we should have known that means she’s been busy cooking up something big. “Ballad 5” is a stunning, wondrously dreamy, instant-classic slow-burning electronic ballad (mixed by Johnny Jewel!), and it arrives with a meditative, sumptuously red video shot on Super 8, directed by Roby herself and Hugo Bernier. The best news of all? She’ll be releasing her debut full-length album this year! On Italians Do It Better. We don’t yet know when, but we’ll just wander the streets aimlessly trying to find meaning until we can hear it.

“Ballad 5″ is available now on 12” with a lovely b-side from Italians Do It Better.

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Doldrums – Heater

We haven’t quite had time to recover from Doldrums‘ latest single “Runnerup”, and now he’s already hitting us with “Heater”. A far more in-your-face track, it features a pummelling sequenced bass synth and clattering claps, and masterful quick cuts between sections, all-in-all the most innovative club track we’ve heard since, possibly, “Loops”. And the video’s excellent too! Directed by Jordan Minkoff, it sees the band performing on a creepy cable access show that’s straight out of your most wonderfully surreal nightmares.

Doldrums is readying his third album Esc for release June 30, with July release shows in Toronto and Montreal. All info and pre-orders are at Bandcamp.

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